Demon (Digital Download) - Elevation Falls

Demon (Digital Download)

Title Track from the Upcoming EP


An abuser turns the abused into a killer!

Demon Written by Elevation Falls ©2019

Verse 1: Wake me up From deep I sleep Is this real My foetal dreams wake me up with a little more bile wake me up with your fake arse smiles wake me up with your blood bath stare wake me up with your devil may care

Chorus: Take me down Your Demon may come But I’ll never run Spit me out Push me to the edge I’ll leave you for dead Your demon love Drove Me Insane

Verse 2: Kisses sweet In saccharine bathe Swear you’ll change Your ooze of plague Wake me up when I’m black & blue Wake me up spitting I love you Wake me up only death do part Wake me up with a CPR start

Middle 8: I reached the dagger I plunged the knife Your demon love Has ceased its life It’s all you wanted Attention whore I’ll think of you Beneath the floor