MARCH 2019

Very excited here in EF land! Going to Germany for our little tour is something we've all been looking forward to, along with the release of our new single 'Hateful Attraction'

We've new t-shirts, new badges, new posters too! Also we'll be in the UK on April 5th, can't wait! AlleyKatz in Lincoln for the Call of the Wild heats to get into the festival.

Finally we're looking forward to recording our EP in May, so it's all go!

JUNE 2018

We've been getting in some amazing reviews for our new album, from Classic Rock Magazine's track of the week to Metal Discovery Review review "Elevation Falls will be massive… it’s just a matter of time." "The best vocals I’ve encountered in a while. This lady has a breathtaking range, both tonally and stylistically. She can turn on the rock/metal aggression as much as delivering lyrics through a delightfully smooth timbre… and everything in between…" and 'Artists In The Spotlight' " Loving this album by ElevationFalls! Hazel Jade Rogers is clearly channeling her inner Janice Joplin on songs like "Cheating Woman". This is good, solid, blues infused Rock & Roll!"

APRIL 2018

AFTER a LONG wait, numerous illnesses, and many hiccups, we finally have our album, and date of release will be 19th April. We'll be launching it at the Button Factory in Ireland & you'll be in for a real treat! Strings, Harmonica, Piano and Trumpets alongside us to give you the very best recreation of our album tracks which was recorded at Westland Studios with Producer Alwyn Walker. PLEASE COME ALONG! TICKET LINK HERE

We're also delighted to have worked with Evan Balfe from Pulse College in Dublin, to produce a cover of a well known pop song! We can't wait to let you hear it, that'll be along soon!

MAY 2017

This month sees us getting the album ready to ship out! We've some amazing artwork! Fans of EF will get to see it first, but it's AWESOME even though we do say so ourselves! New T's and merch will be on the way too

Delighted to be part of the compilation CD featuring some of the best unsigned Irish Artists out there at the moment - Check it out here: SCENE NOT HEARD

enter image description here

APRIL 2017

Some Awesome Reviews this month! And watch out for some very special announcements soon!

  1. "Birth of A New Rock Era In Ireland: I have being waiting for over 20 years to hear a decent Rock act to come out of Ireland and I think I have found them In Elevation falls. Those were the days when we have the likes of Rory Gallagher, Thin Lizzy and the legend Gary Moore blaring out on the radio on a daily basis but I haven’t heard anything that resembles those legends for what seems a lifetime now...." Full Review: MusiBiz Ireland

  2. "Elevation Falls is a high energy female fronted dueling guitar hard rock band based out of Dublin, Ireland who are currently dominating their music scene! " Full Review: Wail Music Magazine

  3. Delighted to say we've been charted on a number of radio shows - mentions to The Sound Lab UK. EGH Radio UK Niki Tyler's Show, Boston Rock Radio, Neue Regel Radio - The Highlander / Lurchs Lair, 365 Radio Network - Highway Rock Radio Metal Meyhem And Wired Insomnia Podcast who have us as 'feature band of the week'! Huge thanks to so many more who've supported & played us this month, we really do appreciate it

  4. We did a bit of a photoshoot with our Gabriel Grecco (Bassist) this month (Photo Below!). Check out some of his other work here! Gabriel Grecco Photography


MARCH 2017

Lots of good news! ** TOUR 2017 NEWS!!! We'll be visiting UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Germany from July 11th - August 5th with our New Album release (May 2017) - More details shortly! **

1.We've had our song 'Infinite Always' picked up by a publisher in the USA for Cable & TV ops!

2.More Podcasts and Interviews coming up - but this with the Rock & Metal Podcast was great fun Rock & Metal Podcast

3.Proud to be doing well in two charts! One with Radio Alliance at Number 10 in the USA & Boston Rock Radio, and NUMBER 1 with EGH Radio in the UK!

4.Busy Recording our Album with Westland Studios in Dublin and Producer Alwyn Walker, and even if we do say so ourselves.. it's sounding AWESOME! Can't wait to let this one out the bag! Expected end of April

5.Had a fantastic gig at our local venue 'Fibbers' For the Black Star Riders After Party - Check out the video! Live Video


We've had some excellent reviews recently, and a fun interview!

1."The plaudits for vocalist Hazel Jade are undeniably appropriate and justified, in a rock sense, few would be able to match her power and range right now" Check out Remy's Music Blog Here: Remy's Music Blog

2."Dublin-based rockers Elevation Falls are so wonderfully FUN to interview that you wish SpareMin chats could go longer than 30 minutes." Fun Interview Here With Factory Fast Records NY:Factory Fast Records NY Interview

3.'That voice can really sing all notes, it is really amazing what a gifted voice. Their music has to be heard around the world, they deserve a tour around the globe' Full Review Here From the Netherlands! Chatsong Review

4."What stands out to me in this track is the variation in the vocals, it’s just insane, proper talent. Nice and subtle in one part of the song and then ROCK QUEEN in another." The Juicy Mac Review

5.Hazel Jade named as one of the best vocalists of the month on Singer Universe


We're very pleased to announce that our song 'Goodbye To You' is part of the soundtrack for sci-fi Thriller, 'Patient 62', which has just been released and is getting great reviews!

Patient 62 Trailers & Media Coverage Goodbye To You on SoundCloud Here